Lessons from a former Bride: In the moment.

I had always heard of them, but I had never considered doing a same-day-slideshow myself until Emilee & Rich's wedding.  See, Emilee is one of my past clients who I absolutely adore.  She has an eye for fashion, a totally chill vibe, and pairs together the most eclectic and fantastic elements.  Together with her gentlemen of a husband Rich and their twin boys, they are not only my ideal clients, but now what I would consider friends.  And like any client of mine, I only want the absolute best for them, especially on their wedding day. I've learned a tremendous amount about coordination, families, emotions and reactions on wedding days just from being a bride myself.  Although I am incredibly happy to say that I have a dream of a husband, our wedding day didn't have the same good fortune.  Let's just call it the "series of unfortunate events", and when I look back on it, it was more like Charlotte's disastrous wedding to Harry than anything else.  It's something I don't talk about much (other than with my close friends and family who never heard the end of it--thank you for listening ya'll), but, it hurt.  Bad.  To some it may sound silly and vain to complain about your wedding day, but when you work so hard on something for so long you want it to be perfect, or at least damn near close, and when things go awry, it's hard to get past them.  Especially the things you value the most.  For me, it was the decor.  I am and always will be an Interior Designer at heart, so although I could look past forgetting my flowers at the hotel, or the rain after the ceremony, or maybbbeeeeee the church lady yelling at Del, my Father and I that she was going to "call the cops" just  before we were about to walk down the aisle and surprise Marshall with the pups (oh please don't get me started on that one!  That gives me anxiety just thinking about it!), I have a hard time getting past the details I planned not reflecting my true vision.  Flowers and ornamentaion may sound silly, but to me, they were everything.  What I had thought and strategized about.  The crux of it all, they told our story!  Being a bit on edge as it was, I was told by the museum coordinator before our grand entrance into the space that my "Mom wasn't happy about how everything turned out", but to him, "it looked beautiful".

And for a girl with a past of anxiety attacks, this sent me into one.

It was a whirlwind of a night that I tried so hard to enjoy with friends and family, but had the hardest time looking past all the glaring imperfections.  I smiled and I laughed, and I knew I was lucky to have what we did and the most amazing friends and family there to celebrate (seriously, our friends ROCK!) but deep inside I was crushed.  I cried about it for days.  Weeks, really.  I still sometimes cry about it.  Dream of putting my Vera on and walking down the museum steps in stairs that are, in fact, covered in candles.  But most of all, I dream of looking past everything that went awry and truly enjoying myself.  Taking it all in.  So no matter how much it hurt, it taught me nothing but invaluable lessons for my self and for my business.  And after our wedding (which, of course, no one else saw the hiccups other than my Mother and I!), I vowed that if there is ever anything I can do to help a bride, whether it make her see how beautiful she looked when she doubted herself, or sprint to get a sewing kit to fix her dress rip last minute, or help her see the real beauty in her day, hiccups and all, I would go to the lengths of the earth.  Because I understand.  It may just be a day, but it's your day.

So when it came to Emilee & Rich's wedding it was absolutely stunning.  Not. Even. Kidding.  She floated across the sand in that lace dress and Rich beamed in his tailored suit.  The dinner and reception was set-up to be enjoyed on the outside deck.

And then it rained.

When I caught a glimpse Emilee's puppy dog expression when she looked out the glass doors and saw the storm, it hit home.  I knew I had to act.  I knew how hard and painstakingly she had worked on planning her centerpieces.  I know she had collected different lanterns for the tables for months.  That each table setting was different, and she wanted her guests to enjoy that.  Her coordinators were spectacular with improvising and beautifully kept the high-spirits going, but I wanted Emilee & Rich's guests to still enjoy their planning.  So I quickly decided to put together my first slideshow.  Something when I looked back on myself I remembered helped me see our wedding with more positivity were the images (and the photobooth pictures of everyone having fun!), so I wanted to quickly provide something for her to see.  If I could help them see how beautiful it was in the moment, then I would have done my job!

The slideshow didn't stop the drizzle, but it did give her and her guests an opportunity to enjoy the decor pre-storm.

I admire Emilee & Rich, because despite the small glitch in their plans, they still carried on and had an amazing time, truly relishing what is most important:  celebrating their love with friends and family.  They didn't let a little rain get them down and had a grand ole time!  I encourage couples to remember to do the same, especially my past self.

Mr. & Mr. Lindsay, that wedding was gorg!


I set the surprise slideshow up by the bar and then headed to the other reception room to shoot.  I am thankful for my sister Sarah for catching Emilee, Rich, and Rich's mother's reaction!


Shesh!  Somewhat putting out there our wedding hiccups is hard, but I have to look at it now as business lessons for my future.

Let the record state that I am eternally grateful for my friends and family who busted ass and helped make our wedding day what it was at the last minute.  I know if it had not been for you, it wouldn't have been.  Invest in what matters to your and  hire a team you trust!  A fabulous event stylist is key!