Let the sea set you free.

In planning the move of an entire apartment, a life, and a business across the United States and an entire ocean, I questioned many obstacles and how to fill in the gaps we would temporarily leave behind.  Where were we going to live?  Is it going to have air conditioning? Will I find a place that I love as much as Amelie's? What about new CLIENTS?!?!?!? Most importantly, I was reluctant to leave my fantastic friends (I've got some keepers!).  Fearful that on this series of tiny islands that I wouldn't find another person who gets me. I'm the type of girl who needs awesome people to be around.  Someone to call up when I decide at the last minute I want to take a long drive.  A person to invite when we are dying to go camping.  A girl who shares my love of gawdy jewelry, reality TV, and sequins. Well, you know, an "Ashley Goodwin Friend".  (Apparently there's a 'type' to my Besties....an awesome type!) Well, I've found her.

This is Marissa.  She's someone who can finish my sentences as quickly as I can hers, talk each other's ears off and never get tired of it, and when she hears my excitements, struggles, fears, speed bumps, and obsessions will 99% of the time respond with ohmygoshmeTOOOOOOOOOO! (Except when it comes to the Kardashians.  She doesn't like them and I just. don't. understand.  I won't fault her for it.)  Having never met each other in person, we were connected by Maria Maltsava (who neither one of us have never met in person but feel like I know well!) via Facebook when Maria realized Marissa and I were both moving to Oahu around the same time.  (Marissa just moved with her husband from San Diego two weeks after Marshall and I landed).  Seeing that we were both photographers that were new to the island and looking to make friends and connect (I was desperate and tempted to start handing out my business cards to potential friends.  Okay, fine, I actually did!  Don't hate!) we set up a "blind date" and went to dinner in Waikiki.  The rest, as they say, was history.  "Everything happens for a reason" and I believe strongly this comical, beautiful, caring and talented mexican girl (yes I said mexican because it's very important!  I am Latina at heart!) was put into my life with a purpose...but we assume it's probably not to turn me vegan. ;)  I'm so thankful to not only have made a friend on the island, but one that's far beyond an acquaintance.  This girl and I are mind twins. Like, not even kidding.  So here's Marissa, a friend  I truly love, respect and admire!  Best part is, she doesn't complain at my noise decibels!    Happy to have the honor of calling her a friend.  Now my bestie Mainland friends have to come visit so ya'll can all meet each other!

PS:  These are digital! ;)  ANNNDDD we asked a man if we could take photos in his yard. He said yes, and we did.