"Life is in the details: Style Accordingly."

Yesterday multiple friends linked to a relatable article titled "Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life".   I certainly related to the fury  of ranging emotions a solid ten minute scroll sesh can dig up from inspiration to excitement to guilt for eating muffins while that one ripped up girl is eating another sweet potato for breakfast all the way to spurts of envy that  the best parties happen in So Cal.  However I didn't let the article soak in.  Sure, it's easy to only post the good stuff-- what's so wrong with that?  My instagram feed is not intended as a highlight reel of my life, but a curated collection of every day moments that inspire me.  A documentation of colorful travel images to make want to print them all later.   To me, it's a form of social media in pretty , sparkly (and apparently pink?) photos.  It's a curation of art and life paired with things that move me and although hopefully no one sees my instagram stream and thinks oh, anotherrrrrr one I can tell you that it didn't take me five minutes to get my hair perfect, it was more like thirty, hence why I took a photo of it.  And personally, I get excited when my home stream is jam packed full of bright beautiful images!  That's why I follow the people I do.    I post things that I just love, but when it comes to using Instagram, it's a whole 'nother ballgame that's awesome for the way we digitally live!  I follow friends to keep in touch, local Yelpers to see where I want to dine for my next meal, fabulous boutiques so I can shop via my stream, and the ultimate instagrammers--accounts filled with babies and puppies.  I can just never see enough chubbie cheeked sleepy babies and puppies.  While at WPPI I heard Jose Villa mention something for photographers that really made me think: everything you put out with your name on it should be amazing.  And as artists who get paid for our work, it's a great thought to at least consider.  Clearly it's working for him.  (Love that man's eye.  GAH.  Now THAT instagram feed makes me want to stomp my camera...but I still adore it)

When it comes to personal images mixed with social media it is nothing more for me than an option to hone my craft as a photographer and style the details surrounding me.  It's a fabulous way to practice as a professional (it's not easy making your idea fit into a square) and train your eye.  It's personal with a little bit of profesh and a wholleee lotta fun.  It's important to showcase truth and keep it real and relatable with our peers, but it's moreso important to remember to not take ourselves and the internet so stinkin' seriously!

A few recent shots from my instagram (agoodwin1.  Someone go tell ashleygoodwin life would just be easier if she just let the name go.)

 What are your feelings on Instagram or social media as a whole?  Who do you love to follow?

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