"Life is the most spectacular show on Earth"

-Water for Elephants  

When you turn a passion into a career, it's easy to get caught up in the business logistics of it.  Images that were once shot for fun at the spur of the moment are now composed with purpose, thought about maticulously, and often reflected on with "does this represent my brand?"  When I feel the "work" aspect creeping in and the "joy" motivation shimmying to the wayside, it's imparative to step aside and shoot for me. Without pressure, or worry, photograph the things I love.  The details that inspired me to pick a camera up in the first place.  Not only is it a refreshing change of pace, but  it resparks my "it" factor; the style that makes my images mine.  I get in the zone and forget everyone and everything else swirling around me.

Having a photographer buddy or two that is willing to sacrifice style and tromp around the fair grounds with you looking like they work for the newspaper is key, too.  I'm so thankful Josh Gooden (our wedding videographer turned awesome friend) suggested the fair and wanted to test out some film.  It inspired me to load up an old camera and borrow a lens baby from super bestie friend Becca Armstrong (like that link, Becca?  ;)) and trek around the Rockingham fairgrounds for hours with Josh.  After the wedding I have been itching to pick my camera up more often.  It was the perfect evening of exploring, laughing, shooting, and relaxing.  Thanks a ton for hanging out, Josh (& sharing a funnel cake, omgdelish!)  Can't wait to tackle Hawaii with you!  :)  Can't wait to see his film shots...and mine!




We were suited up and geeked out, but totally cool with it.  Watching everyone else wondering what WE were taking photos of (and them not seeing it) was hilarious.

Ohhh to be a kid.


A boy & his Leica.

I think he & I got a lot of the same shots, we see things very similarly.  It was a lot of "OOOO look at THAT!" and "I was JUST about to get that!"'s going on!