Looking back.

“See here?  Right here where I am sitting?” I said while making a silly face, “one day you’ll look back at this moment and remember when it all began!”  I confidently marked my words, bouncing around on the hotel bed in Waikiki.  Marshall thought I'd had a little too much bubbly, I hadn't even touched the stuff! I’ve gotten that feeling a lot lately (not the "everyone must think I've been drinking" part).  While talking to friends who are destined to do great things or when opportunities have arisen, the sense that I’ll look back and note those days right before it “changed”.  The moments before that shaped into something big. Not to mention I have a thing about predicting things.   So I make a point to always tell someone my prediction so if it's true and I was right I have someone to say "I TOLD you I'm a great predictor!" to.  ESPECIALLY when it comes to Christmas presents.  I tend to ruin the fun for everyone, really.  "I bet you that present right there with your name on it, that square one right there, yeah, that's a shoe rack.  A Target one." Ridiculous, I know. I don’t often look back, but I have found myself reflecting a lot this holiday season, not only on the immense change that has happened in the past few months (creating a whirlwind of good, but also emotion!), but the stepping stones that have built over the year.  The friendships I have made, the connections I’ve established, and hardships and decisions that have been instrumental in our lives.  They’ve all been there for a reason, whether readily evident or not.

Two friends in the past two days have made these deciding instants evident to me, opening my eyes to see the bigger picture. They’re the moments that curate something magical. The decisions that, at the time, seemed like nothing particularly special, but when reflected on are the ones that were the turning point.  The decision to submit a video to CreativeLive. The point at which I put in my notice to leave my full-time job.  An response to Millie Holloman looking for a second shooter.  Sending a Facebook message years ago that led to this year's biggest wedding of all:  our wedding.  Agreeing to take a nice home for the next year that allows financial freedom.  Making a pact to give it our all to have a healthy life together, both physically and emotionally.  Promising to always keep in touch with friends.  Packing up and moving all this ‘ish to Hawaii. A chance encounter that changed your course.

It’s exciting to look back on the year, see all of the change and growth that’s spawned from each day, and be able to say “Who would have thought...” especially when that change or decision was, at the time, a tough one that turned out to be necessary.  From here on out, I am going to try to look at hardships not as a negatives, but how they can help shape the future in a positive way. The year’s been one heck of a roller coaster.  Reflecting on what made it come together is amazing, but the time that lies ahead is going to be that much more fantastic.  I don’t know what’s in store, but I do know I will always remember these moments where I knew we’d all wind up doing something crazy.  Along with the time I accepted a 30 day blog challenge and bored everyone to death.

Now how about that champagne....


Here's how we plan on spending our Christmas Eve: At the BEACH! Reflecting in the "you can hardly look at me I'm covered in shiny tanning oil" kind of way.