[Honeymooners] Lou + Aaron

He gently brushed her bright blond hair from her shoulder, tightly connecting the clasps of the dainty silver piece.  The tips of her fingers brushed over the dangling heart, "his wedding gift", she said.  Holding hands, often catching a glimpse  of their own shiny new wedding bands (his being custom made), British honeymooners Louise + Aaron blissfully wandered the beaches of Waikiki, exploring the shore, weaving through Saturday BBQ crowds, taking in a sunset, and feeling the salty spray of crashing waves. Lou + Aaron--HAPPY HONEYMOON!!  I am happy that through the small world that is the photography industry that we were able to connect, I thoroughly enjoyed spending an afternoon with you two lovebirds! It was a blast getting to know you two--Lou, your clear blue eyes are stunning and your sweet smile is contagious.  Not to mention you've got a serious dance repertoire going on!  And Aaron, how mind blowing to meet someone from England who actually knows where Buckingham, Virginia is!  Something to brag to my husband about.  It was fun meeting a cute couple from across the pond--you left me talking in my best british accent for the rest of the evening.  Wishing you a marriage more exciting than your honeymoon!  xo

Contax 645 + Fuji 400h, developed at Richard Photo Lab