Confessions of an ex-designer.

There's nothing quite like an impending guest to whip your house into shape.  I get more cleaning done in the ten minutes before someone arrives than I do in a week!  But it's something with my desire for perfection (or hearing my grandmother for years inquire "do they keep a clean house?") but I want things to be just right before they are revealed.  I also have a case of the Designer's Curse, so may as well be a double negative and cancel each other out because getting it just right may not happen anytime soon.  I can hear your wedding plans and envision your dreamy day, down to an awesome dress shot I should try to catch, and I can look at your living room and make suggestions including what size your light fixture should be, but I can not, for the life of me, get a clear vision on a bedroom design for Marshall and I!!  It's an awkward space that has been left for last (my sparkly glittery girlie office was priority, duh!) and now since Marshall and I have an out-of-town guest arriving I figured I better spruce up the place.  Or at least try for crying out loud.  Give the illusion. We could at least use some window treatments, our neighbors have been getting a free show for far too long.  SHOW'S OVER! Never one for sticking to just a few colors, I gravitate instead towards vibes, not unlike a crazy aura reading crystal ball lady,  and this is what I am currently leaning towards.  Think we can get it done before Frady gets here and dip dye some curtains and make a table for outside out of reclaimed wood I am crossing my fingers and toes I will  find on Craigslist and paint a masterpiece to add to the hallway and get my pixify account up and rolling and cover the guest room in pineapples and coconuts per his fancy pants house guest request?  YAY!  I THOUGHT SO, TOO!

 Living Room//Chevron Pillow//Glam Bedroom//Ombre Fabric

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