Malia + Andrea

He gave a sly wink to the crowd just before she came floating down the ivy walled stairs. Tucked arm in arm her father escorted her into the warmly lit atrium, guests erupting with excitement and cheers, whistles + "chee hoos" at the sight of such a stunning bride. In both english + italian they proclaimed their love for one another, friends and family supporting from the balconies. Malia vowed to be a loving wife, always there, as Andrea swept her hair off her forehead like he always does, promising to forever pick her dirty clothes up off the floor. From the villa style landscape of La Pietra overlooking the Honolulu skyline Malia + Andrea brought together the perfect blend of Hawai'i meets Italy, bound by a million lighthearted laughs and clever quips. #Cialoha.

Never have I ever seen an event quite like this. From the roars of laughter with the bridal party introductions (Andrea's brother doesn't speak a lick of english which left room for hilarity to ensue ) to the sprays of champagne (that's my kinda party!), every element was a true representation of Malia + Andrea--and one hell of a good time. Surrounded by supportive family and crowds of friends who simply adore them, the night dripped in cafe lights was magical. Bursting with chic details to in honor or their cultures guests from near and far dined under the stars on local cuisine, basil topped pizza, and late-night gelato, toasting lilikoi sorbet cocktails as a trio of festive Hawai'ian music serenaded. Packed with heartfelt details, a surfboard guestbook handmade by her father and an ridiculous amount of straight-up fun Malia + Andrea's wedding was nothing short of a dream, brightly lit by a dance floor full of furiously waving sparklers + fueled by Dom Perignon. But with these two I wouldn't expect anything less.  Together Malia + Andrea have a chemistry that while in their presence can be felt but I find difficult to describe. Playful with one another they thrive off each other's energy, forge friendships,  and are fiercely thoughtful. To me the type of friends a couple has speaks volumes about their personalities and after spending a night with these two that left me utterly speechless all I can say is this two are simply perfetto. 

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Watch their awesome Same Day Edit video from Pan + Tilt

Malia + Andrea [SDE] from Pan + Tilt on Vimeo.