Malia + Andrea

They met attending college in California. He was the dashing Italian model with a thick accent, she was the exotic surfer girl from Kaua'i with the enviable mix of effortless glam and island style. When he went home to Italy for the summer, he invited her to visit. Not knowing much about this dapper gent she found herself drawn to (and possibly even less Italian), she was ready for an adventure. She packed her bags and took a chance. As they excitedly blend their cultures, Malia + Andrea will be married this summer at La Pietra School for Girl's, a stunning location where Pacific charm meets old world Italian. For their engagement session we hopped over to the North Shore of Kaua'i where Malia grew up giving surf lessons and cooling off with shave ice in Hanalei town, her "magic place", bringing the boy she traveled across the world with back to her heart is. Kaua'i. 

Malia + Andrea--from the moment I met you two, it was love at first sight. Is that weird? Whatev. I don't know if it's the thick italian accent or energetic aloha but you two are sincerely incredible. Stylish, authentic and playful together, I enjoyed every minute laughing with you. Andrea, your Calvin Klein days  charming smile and entertaining sense of humor keep Malia on her toes, simply beaming to be your Bride. The way you carefully stroke hair from her cheek shows far more than a small pet peeve -- you truly believe in her, support her, and want nothing but the best for her, and it shows. Malia, your sense of adventure hopping fences and driving pick-up trucks in wedges makes me smile. You're smart, chic, and warm-hearted with so much freaking aloha to give I can't even handle it. You're Malia when you're with Andrea, ever so comfortable in his arms. I am so excited to be apart of your wedding day, but moreso to call you guys new friends. xo

Weather on Kaua'i during the rainy season is hit or miss--they don't call it the "Garden Isle" for nothing! It was rainy the day of our shoot, but thankfully cleared up when we got started, leaving thick clouds looming over the mountain range--and waterfalls! Can you spot em? We wandered the taro patches, a staple in Hawai'i, where Malia taught me that Ancient Hawai'ian tradition says that's where the people came from...and Andrea declared that if we got in trouble, he doesn't speak English. ;)

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