Manic Monday.

Carefully ticking away at wedding edits, answering emails + blogging. Setting deadlines and goals for the week, scribbling ideas that come to mind on nearby bits of paper and not so impatiently waiting for the ding of an email delivering anticipated film scans. It's the dawn of a new week (when the HELL did it become MAY?!?!) wide open for possibilities and another morning by my apple screen spent working hard doing what I love. This is the life of a Wedding Photographer (hey! it's #smallbusinessweek!), where 12 hour work days could flow more than willingly and each is an opportunity to push your dreams further...unless you find a reason to go to Target. Then, you're screwed.

From a morning spent photographing Shilhi of Passion Roots while she was in her zone. More images to come. Contax 645 + Portra 800. Developed by Goodman Film Lab.