[Married] Kelsey & Mike | Sunset Ranch, O'ahu

Several guests trickled in as the sun dipped behind the clouds.  Light trade winds caressed the Ranch filling the air with a sweet scents of nearby blooms. Kelsey's father strongly shook hands while Mike was patted on the back and congratulated by local friends.  Kelsey slipped on her airy gown, "a Princess" their daughter Ella declared, brown eyes wide in beauty and awe.  Kelsey took her father's arm and preceded by her mother floated across the sunlit field, into the arms of her love.  In front of an inclusive gathering of their nearest and dearest, the sealed their vows with a wine box (and love note) ceremony--forever embodying the immense admiration they have for one another that warm sixth of May overlooking the North Shore of O'ahu. Kelsey & Mike--I mean, really.  Kelsey, when you and I sat down that bright day at Starbucks I knew with your fast talking and constant laughter that I liked you.  Wait, loved you.  You're smart, freaking stunning (that gleaming white smile!), energetic & bubbly and so dang witty, you're my kinda girl!  The details you designed are gorgeous, you've got great taste.  And Mike--you ain't so bad yourself!  A guy that treats his gal to an old Bronco style getaway is alright with me.  Seeing your face light up as Kelsey stepped across that burlap aisle simply made me melt--your adoration of her is palpable.  And high-fives for picking such a dapper suit!  Congratulations to both of you, may your adorable little family have the most amazing of years to come!  Let the day you committed those love notes to that rich mahogany box be the day you loved each other the least.


Venue:  Sunset Ranch, North Shore O'ahu  |  Hair & Make-up:  Faith & Beauty  |  Flowers:  the Navy Exchange (I know, right?!?!)  |  Officiant:  Pastor Mark Turansky  |  Huge shout out to James Ramos who was my assistant that day and carried bags, rounded up a horse, and saved us from an untimely mosquito death.  SO appreciative for him!