[Married] Lisa & Eric | Koolau Ballrooms

City lights slowly twinkled on and filled the blue sky with the first signs of morning light.  Lisa and her attendants quietly readied at the Kahala, anxious for the afternoon ahead.  With an elegant twirl of a bun and dab of a lip she slipped into her fabulous lace gown, a true bridal beauty.  Lisa's daughter Megumi gently peeked around the bouquet of delivered red roses with glee, excited to be witnessing the union of her mother to the man she so much admired.  And just as the sun rose Lisa floated barefoot across an ocean peninsula into the first sight of her adoring fiance. At the start of their early morning First Look at the Kahala right down to the reception at the stunning Koolau Ballrooms, LIsa & Eric's event was filled with gorgeous O'ahu scenery and incredible culture.  450 guests dined on delicious appetizers, took turns hopping in a customized photo booth, and enjoyed a gorgeous spread of homemade delicacies from a surprise mochi bar.  The dinner tables were filled with gorgeous pink and green garden florals of hydrangeas, tulips, roses and peonies (my fav!) adorned with details handcrafted by the bride (who's an engineer with a fabulous d.i.y. hand, clearly!) and family.  Guests sociliazed and mingled 'round the room and with a "pow" of each of their mini confetti firecrackers, got out of their seats for the exhilarating Lion Dance, a Chinese culture tradition used to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck. (Performed by an association founded by Eric's grandfather!).

Lisa & Eric ended the evening with tearful thanks yous, gifting their mothers with lovely bouquets in honor of their unwavering support throughout the years.

Guys!  Your event was just as beautiful and relaxed as the two of you are, it went off without a hitch!   Lisa, your sweetness is not only in your softspoken words but truly in your heart, you made for an incredible beaming Bride!  And your hair was killlerrrrr!  Eric, you are a kind and warm gentlemen, always looking out for Lisa and her desires and it seriously shows.  You are a great role model for Megumi and you have a beautiful family.  Thank you for letting me be apart of your fabulous event--and for sending me home with mochi!


Creative Team

Getting Ready: the Kahala Hotel & Resort

Church:  St. Elizabeth's Episcopal

Venue:  Koolau Ballrooms

Cinema:  Supreme Video Productions

Lion Dance:  Kuo min Tang Physical Culture Association