[Married] Meghan & Chris

She paced the room anxiously.  Not a nervous pace, or, if you know her, not even an "I hope I don't faint at the alter" pace, but as if she was eagerly trying to arrive at the moment where she married her high school sweetheart.  A sweetheart who's been there from the get-go.  A sweetheart that, when he sees her, his eyes sparkle and his face lights up.  With the softest touch, he guides her through crowds, towering over her, quietly protecting her.  His Babe. With one glance towards him, she gleams with adoration.  Then giggles.  Most likely at her own joke.  He bends down and swoops her over, planting a kiss on his bride.  Meghan and Chris.  Chris and Meghan.  They're no other's meant to be. "I just want to see Christoper", she repeated throughout the day, and that she did when the double doors parted and she beamed down the aisle.  In a ceremony officiated by both Christoper's pastor and Meghan's father, they promised their hearts and lives to one another.  Through an incredibly proud stance and a slight, loving crack in his voice, Pastor Tommy Armstrong married his youngest daughter, binding the couple in the scarf from his robe (an old German tradition where "tying the knot" came from) from now to eternity.

Guests witnessed quite a show as Meghan and her Father Tommy performed a fabulous choreographed routine on the dance floor, doning one of Tommy's famous church suit looks and all (& please don't judge my video, it was spur of the moment!)!  Guests socialized, danced, and photoboothed the evening away and I absolutely could not have been more thrilled to have been apart of such an amazing day filled with laughter, tears, and spiritual abundance.  Seriously.

Meghan and Chris, I love you both incredibly!  I am so so so happy that the both of you found each other again, there simply wouldn't be a better fit.  I am honored to not only have been one of your photographers (with Sarah as the Goodwin Girls!!), but an honorary Bridesmaid!  I hope I pulled my duties off with perfection.  ;)  You and Christopher have an amazing life ahead of you, and I wish you both the rest of your lifetime of happiness (I say the rest of your lifetime because you've already spent majority of it together!)  Committed to each other, committed to Christ.  Together.