[Married] Mel + Mark | Billabong House, North Shore

The house was quiet yet full of motion.  Tables being moved, chairs set-up, the sweet scent of roasting pork rose into the salty air.  With a full heart Melanie & Mark's friends and family transformed the Billabong House on the fabled North Shore from their weekend's surf destination to the couple's dream wedding.  Everyone happily worked together alongside KathE, the Day Of Coordinator to create an event that was truly a labor of love. Melanie was a stunner as she floated down the soft beach across the coral lined aisle and into her Groom's vision, igniting a big, bright Mark smile unlike any other.  The couple graciously exchanged leis and long hugs to their sweet and generous parents and in front of guests doning lace parasols were cheered on as newly minted husband and wife.

Barefoot on the grassy lawn, visiting guests toasted local beers and enjoyed a delicious home cooked dinner by the couple's friend Jeff.  Vintage jam jars and bottles holding delicate pastel blooms colored the tables mixed with crocheted dollies, vintage handkerchiefs and heart shaped rocks (that the couple had been beach combing for for months!).  And as the sun began to softly set, the tide began to rise and the rolling waves of Pipeline put on a show, taunting the mainly southern California surf crowd.

Tiki torches lined the yard and cafe lights lit up above as Mel & Mark swayed together under the breezy palm trees and long into the dark of night.  It's always better when we're together.

Mel + Mark.  I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed being apart and the time I have spent with you guys kickin' it and BBQing.  Thank you for your warm spirits and hospitable hearts, you guys are true gems.  Mel, you looked freakin' gorg in that dress (with pockets!), it kissed at the wind so beautifully.  But then again, I wouldn't expect anything less!  Mark!  You are so...just...cool.  The way you look at Mel, gently holding her arm and kissing her on her cheek is a sure sign that you're simply smitten.  You two I enjoy, and your friends and families are a good bunch.  Your weekend wedding events went off without a hitch and was perfect, I was thrilled to be a small part in it.



Venue:  Billabong House  |  Event Design:  Bride, Melanie Watkins  |  Day of Coordination:  Kathe Garcia  |  Florals:  the Blooming Pot  |  Hula Dancer:  Wanna Hula  |