[Married] Nicole + Jimi

It was blue skies that June 24th, 2013-- a momentous day to celebrate.  It was their two year anniversary  and another fabulous trip to Hawai'i, this time one to be marked by an exchanging of vows.  Friends and family joined them in travel from the mainland, anxiously filling the breezy lawn of Bob's Turtle House in Makaha.  An aunt from North Carolina sweetly joked on the unusually thick temperature, noting it quite nice per her southern humidity standards.  In the room across the house, hair glamorously coiled and swept to one side, Nicole slipped on her fitted gown, excited and full of emotions, wide smile and eyes brimming with tears, ready to meet her new husband down the aisle.  Jimi buttoned his dapper suit, his three vibrant and energetic blonde daughter's gaze swirling around in electricity.  And on the West Side of O'ahu, with the site of his proposal draped against the crashing sea, Jimi took Nicole to be his beloved wife.  To have and to hold, forever and ever.  They toasted white wine, kissed in the lawn, and against tables designed with dainty centerpieces and meaningful scramble words danced under the stars. Nicole + Jimi--from the moment I watched that cute video of you two exploring together, I knew we were a great match.  You two are truly the kind of people who radiate sheer passion for one another.  I leave you alone for one second and you're already doing something else cute.  You're love is truly one meant to last the ages, I am loved meeting you and being apart of your day, and look forward to MORE of your trips to Hawai'i + famed snorkel seshs--invite a sistah out!  ;)  Here's to the experience of new adventures together, may you never be at a loss for the perfect words Mr. + Mrs. Ware!




Venue:  Bob's Turtle House  |  Cake:  A Cake Life  |  Hair + Make-up:  Gemina Chong Faith + Beauty   |  Bouquet:  Marie Blooms