[Married] Summer & Chad | Bella Sophia Kailua, O'ahu

The ever so talented and awesome Malia Cano kindly invited me to second shoot a local wedding with her and boy oh boy did I fall in love.  With the celebration, of course.  I already love Malia.  Hawai'ian folk know how to make you feel welcome, serve up some amazing cuisine, spread the aloha and make a celebration a true CELEBRATION!  Summer and Chad's glamorous wedding at Bella Sophia Estate in Kailua permeated the aloha spirit true to their island roots.  Sharing "ha", the breath of life and offering up a hawai'ian chant during their ceremony made their event incredibly intimate and meaningful.  Summer even danced hula for Chad during their reception!  That's love.  Lush florals and styling by Passion Roots provided the perfect centerpieces for what their ceremony was all about--the joining of family.  I am grateful to have been apart and had an exceptional time.  Love local style!  Loads of friends and family having a great time, sharing big, big hugs, Da pa'ina jams, fast pidgin talk, fresh poke, and fabulous representation of heritage.  I laughed, I cried, I officially heart local weddings.  Like, fo'real. Some of my favorite shots from the beautiful day: