[Married] Vanessa + Vincent

She swished out of the car and gave me a giant hug, as if we'd known one another for years.  In his pleasant bit of a Georgian twang, Vincent greeted me hello as he escorted his bride-to-be out towards the beach.  It was an impeccable windward day, blue beaming skies and soft rolling of the tides, the perfect island day to promise forever.  In a quiet and private ceremony as Vanessa promised to ride his dirt bike with him, tolerate the TV's volume and always stand by his side, Vincent declared her his one true love.  Their dream come true. (and then I melted).  And with the blow of a conch shell and his great grandmother's vintage rings they were presented as one. She prides herself on being his caregiver, his rock.  Striving to always be there in thick and thin.  She adores his southern family (after Vincent's time with the Navy is up they plan to move back to Georgia) and along with big southern hair, loves the appreciation of a close-knit family.  He pushes her outside her comfort zone, daring her to heights she never knew possible, never once ceasing his belief in her.  Each other's 'moon and stars'. These are the couples that make me elated to do what I do.  The kind of couples who are so excited to be married that they giggle "babe, I'm in my goofy mood nowwwww!" (yeah, she said that, and I died...because I do the same thing).  People who are fun, free-spirited, have the best restaurant recommendations on island and ridiculously make-you-cry-on-the-beach-while-you-are-shooting in love.  The ones I can see not as clients, but friends.  And these two, they are it.  Vanessa + Vincent--I LOVE you two!  Thank you for letting me be a witness of your beautiful wedding day (like, LITERALLY, a witness!).  It was nothing short of incredible.  You suureeeeee you wanna move?  ;)  xo My favs from the elopement, mostly film (Portra 400 + Contax 645  |  Richard Photo Lab) with a few digitals in the mix.