Maui + Oahu

My Dad + his girlfriend Lucy came to visit back in February and as we had cocktails on the beach, saw the sites, and ventured over to Maui for the Road to Hana one day, I couldn't help but document it all, taking tons of pictures while they were here. As a professional who gets paid for photos it's common to get bogged down by the thought of lugging around your gear taking more pictures, something we once did all day everyday for fun, now denoted to another task. This year I've consistently reminded myself to shift out of the mindset of work, get creative shooting again for myself, see things differently, and most of all take photos of the people and places that I love. It's good for the heart and even better for the memories. (and thanks to film, I don't have a gagillion folders to "personal photos to edit" anymore! These photos actually get to see the light of DAY!). Hip hip, hooray!

A mix of shots from O'ahu + Maui, all shot in film on a Contax 645. Some Fuji 400h + Some Portra 800. That Portra 800 looks GORGEOUS in bright daylight! Who would have thought?

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