May Obsessions

If one didn't know me well, they'd probably take a glance at my crazy stashes and think I was hoarder status, reacting from a childhood of extreme poverty subsequently buying certain things in bulk. They'd be wrong...kinda. The only good reason I have multiples of items is because I quickly become hooked on things and out of fear they will be discontinued (like the Sun Tan candle from Bath and Body Works that smelled just like sunscreen!) if I fall in love, I stock up. I refuse to let my heart be broken. In contrast, I also go through seasons of my obscure obsessions, like scents. Or warm and fuzzy blankets. Or hot pink. While my affinity for tassels and all things gold will undoubtedly never change, here are the things I simply can't live without this month:

1. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. Ladies. You can't live without this stuff, trust me. Blot it over your cheeks, nose, heck your entire face with or without make-up underneath for some serious balmy, dewy goodness. It's perfect. I use the color opal but would love the other colors as well.

2. Nike Pegasus 31 Running Shoes. I'd be partially lying if I said if I wasn't running the marathon for the shopping excuses...and malasada at the finish line. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and so damn bright it's insane. No worries about getting run over, trust and believe.

3. Kiehl's ultra facial overnight hydrating mask. Whatta name. But, it does everything it says! Hitting the big 3-0 got me into a "I gotta take care of my self" tissy, and this impulse purchase has proven to be worth it's weight in gold! A little bit goes a long way, so it's reasonably priced for all the hydrating it does to my face. I swear I can see a difference every morning!

4. Bath + Body Works White Sand Beaches Candle. I get some serious "Hawai'i guilt" when working inside all day. Hard life. Lighting this candle as I chug along helps ease my brain, creates a cozy work environment and maybe, just maybe, helps me pretend I am adventuring across the islands. Plus, after recently watching Parks + Rec and seeing Tom's "Girl Heaven" apartment, I have become determined to create my own. Fuzzy blankets, check!

5. Clean Warm Cotten Perfume. Between all these candles and my other impulse perfume buy, I am in a season of "scents". I believe everyone should have a signature one, and while I alternate between Bobbi Brown Beach + Bath, I have recently integrated Warm Cotton by Clean. It may sound crazy, but it smells just like fresh laundry and is some kinda good. You know how I feel about freshly laundered smells...I went to the ends of the earth to have fabric softener from Thailand shipped here! This isn't too strong, stays all day, and can be layered with my "Beach" perfume for a winning combo.

6. Kimchi Blue Lace Bras. TMI? Maybe. But these cozy babies are perfect for work days, lounging, and even under loose dresses and tanks. I bought one and went back for them in every color. Naturally, they are on sale now.


I love sharing my favorites with others, what are YOU currently hooked on? Let me know below!