Me vs. Film

This is a quickie post, as I am headed to Base to spend the day with Marshall there, but here are some of my shots from around the island on film.  Still battling it, and certainly still learning, but these are with Kodak fujiproo 400 and a Canon EOS-1N(an awesome camera) with my canon 50mm 1.4 lens.  Still need to figure out metering and blah blah blahhhh (these I shot in AV mode, should have gotten out of 1.4 when it was so bright!!) but with the help of RITZ camera at the Ala Moana center (yes, NOT RPL) I am able to save some money while learning and also get these developed 1 hour, so my "techniques" (or lack there of) are fresh in my mind and I can remember what worked and what I need to change. Below shots from everywhere!  Hanauma Bay, Waimanala Beach, the Halaona Blow Hole, Bellows Beach, and one from Wilmington, NC!  :)

Please, if you have tips or tricks, share!!  I don't want to give up, but dang, it's not easy!