Merry Christmas!

"I won't lie.  I got excited when I saw that play dough set and for a split second thought it was for me..."-Me, forgetting I am 27 years old and coveting Marshall's Toys for Tots gift. For the next few days into the new year (with the exception of an upcoming wedding), I will turning the computer off, answering emails on a limited basis, and drinking eggnog while I bake cookies for  Marshall  Santa with Home Alone blarrring in the background.  Last year we were setting up shop as residents of the Aqua Bamboo hotel so Christmas felt like it came and went with no real pump and circumstance, so this year, I am making sure it gets all of it's glory.  On top of "rekindling the wonder of Christmas" (an awesome series our pastor has been doing about reliving your first love with Christ), I am taking advantage of the quality time with friends and the hubs and living it up.  I EVEN BOUGHT A TURKEY for Christmas Dinner.  A TURKEY.  I won't be the one cooking that turkey, so let's hope our house doesn't burn down, however I will be making the most fattening and delicious southern style meal to serve the two of us.  Paula Deen Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, and, of course, mimosas.  Duh.


I hope you have a very merry christmas and a SUPER happy new year.  ENJOY a little R&R.


A film photo I took at my aunt's house back in 2006.  My cousins Rachel and Overton are so thoughtful.


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