Mind to paper.

A random mix of notes, scribbles, fleeting ideas, and reminders to myself from the last few days, aka How My Thoughts Flow To Marshall When He Walks In The Door:

//  Yoga is my jam.  How I forget this every morning my alarm makes effort at reminding me I'll never know.  But, it's my jam.  Once I  get going into my practice I don't want to stop.  Remember to get going  //  Film, too, is my jam.  Why it took me this long to commit, I don't know.  Wait!  Yes I do!  Monnnayyyyy.  And fear.  That's all gone now (not the money part...well, actually, yes the money part--comes with the film game) and I'm shooting my Contax like a mad woman.  Fingers crossed they turn out  //  My notebook has gone from being taken over by dreams and business ideals to scripture and the word.  Never expected to be this girl but wow, so so happy that I am  //  Getting all God on ya, have you ever heard of Healing Evangelists?  Skeptic to them?  Welp, I had my doubts too, but after trekking out to a Healing Service and experiencing it first hand I can say it's fo real.  Maybe one day I'll tell you about it  //  With the lure of lulling tides and bougainvillea swaying in the breeze, I'm worried I will never want to leave here  //  Somewhere along the way I stopped anticipating the future and started living in the moment.  Where has this way been all my life  //  There are these gold wire tables at Target that I can't stop thinking about. Where in the world we would fit another table  I haven't the slightest but they won't leave my brain.  They wait, taunting.  Crap, maybe I should get them.  *Don't get obsessed Ashley, don't get obsessed*  //  Major Lazer's new album is ridic.  And hey!  Two white dude DJs are behind the madness.  Totally didn't see that one  //  The Great Gatsby.  I'm about to pee my pants  //  Every morning I make coffee, then forget it  //  Don't tell Marshall, but all of my recipes come from Pinterest  //  Every time I go into a store I always find something to buy.  Maybe I should just avoid Goodwill for a while  //  I took my phone into the ocean for a solid self portrait sesh and didn't drop it.  High-fiveeeee  //  Vine.  I'm totally not cool enough.  //  I took Jen + Ashley's advice of using the Big Notebook for lists and I may have mapped out my next two months, but I'm getting ish done  //  I've got about a gazillion second shot weddings to post that I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.  Maybe moreso in the Jesse Spano way, though  //  My new albums arrive this week and I've been tracking those babies like I'm Eddie Valiant  //  Several people have commented lately on how my house/clothes/jewelry reflect my brand.  What I represent is what I love, and that makes me 'appy.  Bring onnnnnn the bling!  //  Somewhere along the way I became obsessed with posters and not only did I order a custom one for our house (and think they are WAY cool for wedding photos.  Like, way cool), but am dying for a Tupac one.  I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST, Urban Outfitters!  // Until then, this one will do. A scribbled epiphany I had while reading at the beach over the weekend turned cool: