My Brand in One Image

The other day I checked out an article by SLR Lounge showcasing 20 photographers alongside one image that represented each of their brands. One image I thought. ONE?!?! Thank goodness they didn't ask me I kinda sorta lied to myself I'd send over an entire gallery to choose from! The more it floated through my mind I was able to peel back the layers from my favorite images spanning the years, narrowing it down to a few characteristics that are innately Ashley. When it comes to my personal ever evolving style there are certain tidbits that are forever me; well-traveled mixes of lively prints, bright colors and lots and lots of white...and gold. duh. Gotta have gold. But what single photograph intermingles the spirit of my brand? Essentially, of me?

Bright, playful and completely of-the-moment, Lauren + Kawika's soiree was something from a dream. Showered with passing rains, the laid-back pair popped open umbrellas and carried on the soiree. Spontaneous, stylish and a little bit wild, Lauren says Kawika "makes her feel like a kid again" and in this spontaneous moment as newly minted husband and wife, it radiates. I take great pride in crafting gorgeous scenes where couples don't see a pretty posed photograph from their wedding day but instead look back and can say "that's us, that's exactly us". Therefore this celebratory photograph takes the cake. ;) Oh, and confetti. Confetti wins.