My New Storybook Albums

It took me quite a while to start offering albums to clients, not because they can be tedious to design but because in my search for the perfect heirloom I simply couldn't find anything that I loved. I am a huge huge hugeeeeee advocate of tangible print products so offering beautiful quality storybooks along with heirloom prints only made sense, however picking the perfect company that fit my style, brand, desire for modern materials that was also financially accessible to clients was a task (there are some nice albums out there, but $3,500?!?  YIKES! I actually want people to have these babies). So when I finally came across these gorgeous linen products from Millers, I was obsessed. They're chic, stylish and totally affordable. Images look absolutely stunning laid across their thick (not bulky) pages and with the option of simple silver or gold embossing, I'm obsessed. Fabulous keepsakes with lasting power, the perfect Newlywed's coffee table book. Even the manliest of men, my husband, cracked open the pages and said "wow, this is nice...". That, ladies and gentlemen, is the greatest test of all. So pretty even a MAN loves it! ;)

I'm super proud to offer these new beauties, Storybook Albums to past and current couples. Available in 8x8, 8x10, 10x8 or 10x10. Parent albums make great holiday gifts too, just in time for Father's Day!

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