To Be Home.

It's been a month and a half of highs followed by a few days of lows (it's always sad to leave a group of people you've grown attached to!) but this morning I woke up super early (my body still has no idea where in the world I am, hence there's no clear sleep schedule) and the sun was shining so brightly that I had to jump in my car and go for a quick ride.  With the windows down and the local station blaring reggae jams, I knew that this is where I am supposed to be today.  Here, in Hawaii, loving my handsome husband and growing my wedding business.  I've taken the past few days back easy, as I feel like a Men in Black victim who has had their mind erased and has to relearn everything, like where the kitchen light is and how to drive (give me a break, I've been riding all this time!) and  I will assure you I have taken great pleasure in the expansive space of a sofa and JERSEY SHORE EPISODES ("What do you MEAN Snooki is pregnant?!?!" I'M SO OUT OF THE LOOP!!!!) But today I plan to get out of my yoga pants, into a bikini, and revel in the novelty of being back home on my island.  So, so snorkeling is on the agenda.  Along with the Hunger Games.  Probably some beer.  Maybe some more shrimp with the shell.  Definitely some Maui Babe. Then I'll start doing laundry...Monday.


Some island jamz to get you feeling like I do!  &, as usual, some travel iphone shots: