[Married] Naoko + Jon

He anxiously shined his shoes, laying next to them a stylish pair of matching socks that only Jon could pull off.  In just the other room, Naoko sipped from a cup of noodles, collecting finishing touches for their wedding day.  As Jon snuck out the door, headed to the ceremony, Naoko stepped onto the terrace of the Aston Beach Tower in Waikiki, taking in the bright blue skies while gracefully slipping on her gown.  The two were bringing their family as one, from the Northern parts of Virginia across the ocean in Japan, Naoko + Jon's family and friends gathered at Paradise Cove for their wedding ceremony.  Just as Naoko was about to float across the grassy isle who's coastline kissed the calm sea, a rainstorm quickly passed through--a true Hawai'ian blessing. Under a breezy archway Jon put on his glasses (causing quite a giggle) and read his vows to his blushing Bride via iPhone, as Naoko tearfully returned the promise.  "Let's always be in love like we are today.  Let's always be there for each other no matter what like true soul mates should be.  Let's be crazy in love like we're eighty and have just as much fun then as we do now."

The two, along with their sweet families, spent the rest of the evening at Ko'Olina's Paradise Cove Luau toasting to the newly minted Mister + Misses.

CONGRATULATIONS, fellow Virginians!  Being apart of your wedding day (and little nugget of future excitement!) was a real treat!  It makes me so happy to see couples with families who travel from all parts of the globe to help celebrate, and seeing the joy and spark you each bring one another makes my 'job' not a job at all.  Sincerest congratulations to you two on both accounts.  You've got a thrilling future ahead!  :)


Knowing the importance + nostalgia of photos on their wedding day, Jon + Naoko helped schedule tons of time after their ceremony (during their luau's 'cocktail hour') for great images around the grounds of Ko'Olina and, of course, timing for some good good light!  In collaboration with the coordinator Cherished in Hawaii Wedding + videographer 10th Letter Media, this great wedding day timeline made for some dream storytelling.


My film favorites, with one or two digitals in the mix.  Shot on a Contax 645  |  Fuji 400h  |  FIND Lab



Minister :  Mark Kurnow  |  Coordinator:  Cherished in Hawaii Weddings  |  Cinema: 10th Letter Media  |  Travel:  Platinum Limousine  |  Florals:  Myra's Leis and Flowers|  MUP:  Hair and Make up by May  |  Accommodations:  Aston Beach Tower Waikiki  |  Location:  Lanikuhona, Ko'Olina