New Wedding Packaging

For years pulling together this final element of my brand felt nearly impossible to complete. I'm the type of person who envisions precisely what she wants then finds it exceptionally frustrating when I can't track down exactly what I dreamed up at 4 o'clock in the morning in stores. When compiling ideas for my brand I knew that I wanted to deliver a final package to clients because let's face it, nothing is more exhilirating than receiving something in the mail -- why else do people order their toothpaste from Amazon?!? As a girl who is easily excited over carefully packaged goods, slowly peeling away stickers and opening envelopes, soaking in every little pristine detail, I knew I wanted my clients to have the same experience delivered to their doorstep, to feel the love and appreciation I have for them, and to relive the celebratory moments of their gorgeous event as they pulled copious amounts of tissue paper out of their postal delivery. Finding just the right elements to specially curate these goodies took sincere time, patience, emails to china ("$52 for each box?!?!?") and a whole lotta trial and error. Inspired by the playful packaging of some of my favorite brands, I wanted it to be a complete reflection of me, beautiful and intricate, less of the fancy ribbons and lace + burlap fine art look and more of laid-back festive fun...dashed with beautiful and local touches in the mix, filled to the brim with things I love and quality heirlooms to treasure. Sadly I did not get the 'perfectly hand-crafted gene', that's my sister. I can come up with the ideas, but executing hand-made and DIY goods isn't typically my strong suit, so I'm pleased to have found custom products I didn't have to straight up make myself, and putting on the finishing touches is something even these stumbly little fingers can carefully manage! An homage to my obsession with old keys, a gold USB (found on Etsy-no longer available--but try ebay!) is adorned with brightly colored handmade tassels brought back from my travels to Thailand. Custom boxes (designed by me with CC artwork from Kt Smail for Design Love Fest) add the perfect touch, with a few small surprises left uncovered. I'm so proud my vision has FINALLY come to life!


Custom boxes: H-b Photo  |  Metallic stripe tissue Paper:  Target (in store)  | Black + white dot tissue paper: Target (in store) |  "Hooray" tape:  Target (in store)  |  Mint ribbon: Benjamin Franklin Crafts (in store)  |  Muslin bags: Etsy  |  Custom Proof Prints: Richard Photo Lab |  Aloha stamp: Locally made (ph: 808-591-2122 | Gold USB: Ebay | Tassels: Chaing Mai Market (brought from Thailand) | Album: Miller's