Newness! Blog launch & giveaway, heyyyy!

Today there are a million reasons to celebrate:

--Today is my last day as an Interior Designer at Lucy and Company.  A job with clients I love.  A job I went to school for.  A job that showed me my full potential and true creative passion:  photography.

--Today is my first day as a full-time photographer!  I plan on building my brand in Hawaii but everywhere for engagements and weddings, with a little boudoir thrown in there, of course.

--Today is the launch of my new blog.  You're looking at it!  Thanks for making it this far!

--Thursday I leave for Miami to celebrate my bachelorette party with friends and family. Oww owww!

--I painted my nails purple glitter.


Since I am so incredibly excited for all of this great change, I want to share it with someone else!

YOU! Hit me up and I will send one fabulous person a mini celebration kit!

Comment here, Facebook, or Tweet me:

A:  That you checked out my pretty new blog & bookmarked it/updated your feed

B:  That you are  excited and in the mood to celebrate!  What you are celebrating doesn't matter, but I'd love to hear it!

Me?  Clearly my vices are confetti and champagne.  (Thanks for the confetti, Ryan.  I want you to know I scooped it all up and plan to reuse it over and over and over).


And I'm not that frivolous, ya'll.  It was Andre.