In with the New.

Resolutions.  We all have them.  When the year turns over  and starts fresh, it's exciting to revel in the newness of a clean slate.

My devotional this morning was a thoughtful turning point in my yearly 'goal setting'.  As I do have business ideals I plan to triumph over (in my new crown, of course), my personal goals feel a lot more of substance.  Well, there are a few gloriously indulgant ones in there, won't lie.  Lofty?  Yes.  But do-able.

// R E S O L U T I O N S

-Blog 5 days a week (with videos, too).  OMG this is gonna be a toughie.  Pet.ri.fied.

-Really explore Hawai'i.  Take these new Kayaks out, get my shiny new bike dirty, and trek these jungles!

-More quality time with Marshall (not within radius of the sofa)  Evennnnnnn if it means going to the softball field.

-Spend less. Do more.  Put. the. debit. card. down.

-Save for a trip off island.  Europe, perhaps?

-Pray about + over everything! The communication does wonders.

-Use the voice God gave me but also be more careful with my words.  Even if it means just zipping my lip!  OH whatta challenge.

-Don't let the meaningless demands of this world take up so much space in my head.  No more "have to do the laundry NOW!  Have to answer them NOW!" false responsibilities ruling.

-Shoot more personal work. But not 365 days worth.

-Connect with women outside of social media.  Like, actually go to all those events.

-Attend Danica's Saturday yoga class.  + basically support my friends more.

-Keep up my current morning routine.  My puppies, my bike, and the Smith machine need me.

-Give! Time, money, love.  Simply GIVE!

-Love, love love.  It's what we all want, right?

"Treasure every moment God gives you.  Prize every relationship, get understanding from every challenging life lesson and if you must make a resolution, resolve to surround yourself with who you love, and to enjoy your life"-Daughters of the King