No distance could keep them apart: [Married] Jessica & Ralph

My sister, Sarah and I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Jessica Duty to Ralph Polley in Montpelier, Virginia.  Both Marines (Military, whoop whoop!), Jessica just returned from a tour in Afghanistan while Ralph is currently stationed in Japan.  Planning such a beautiful event from across the world (and a 9 hour time difference...boy do I know how difficult just SKYPING can be with that!) would usually be a whirlwind, but with the help of the staff at the Montpelier Arts Center, everything was styled beautifully and went off without a hitch! Jessica & Ralph truly, *truly* love each other with every iota of their being, and it shows.  Wrapped up in each other's arms and serenading each other with jokes, they couldn't take their eyes off of each other.  Seeing this couple back together for their nuptials made my heart go pitter-patter.

I know first hand the experience of being away from your loved one in the military, and each second you are back together you cherish.  You learn to never take each other for granted, something this couple certainly doesn't.  I have the utmost respect for both of them as they serve our country.  Much love to you, Jessica & Ralph!

(Since I shot this wedding with my Sister as a "Goodwin Girl", you can read her beautiful full post on the couple (& see some great shots!) here!)