North Shore Super Swell 2014

The waves were record breaking.  I was destined to be petrified. Bright and early as the sun came up I headed to the North Shore, determined to beat the traffic and crowds in hopes of scoring parking and a bird's eye view of what they were calling the 'biggest waves in a decade'. I drove along the shoreline in sheer awe as the powerful breaks crashed a top one another, quickly rushing over the rocky beaches and threatening spectators. The crowds began to form as more and more visitors appeared in awe of mother nature's show. There were no sportsmen tackling the treacherous waters as some swells capped off close to forty feet with messy, unsurfable breaks (I totally sound like I know what I'm talking about, right? Well that's about the extent of my knowledge...). I met up with a fellow film shooter in hopes of capturing some serious waves..his 125 wave photos are bound to be better than mine. ;) There's something so mysteriously impossible about photographing the true beauty of what your eye sees when it comes to both sunsets and waves. Guess God meant for it that way, huh?

Jon Canlas setting up shop with his new toy (Mamiya RZ pro ii) along Waimea Bay:

Even when waves are pounding the shore at Waimea, they are always clean and the water is typically placid.  Not that day! A choppy mess (that deemed a good reprimanding of tourists by lifeguards).

 One of my favorite places to snorkel, Shark's Cove, had by far the LARGEST waves rolling in. The rocky tide pool style cove was covered with water and boasting of swells. Made me think twice about my snorkel spot...

All film, shot on Contax 645 | Film? Don't remember.

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