Now You're In New York

As I learned a ton and had a fantastic experience crossing the country via a bus with theFIX, I am appreciative for the opportunity to visit the cities that I adore and friends in them that I admire.  Like Manhattan and Cat Hoa. Cat is one of Les Huit, a group of girls us who met while studying abroad in France in 2006, we quickly bonded and no matter where we are, always find ourselves magically meeting up every couple of months.  It's crazy how it works out and I love it!  Sincere and charming, infinitely knowledgable and full to the brim with inappropriate giggles, Cat keeps me on my toes.  I'm always willing to blindly follow her lead around town as she knows the best spots to dine, giving me an intriguing art history lesson on the buildings and architecture along the way.  Always hospitable and forever entertaining, Cat goes above and beyond to stay in touch with the ones she loves.  She keeps us together. Gorgeous, smart, artistic, and witty, I'm happy to call this chic beauty my dear friend.  She's an incredible Interior Designer and even better joke teller.

Thank you for supporting me and heading out to theFIX event, for holding my wine while I worked, trekking around in search of polaroid film, trying to hail me a cab in Harlem, and always making me laugh.  I love you and your cool hats, smelly Cat!

I am thankful for film, because it's made me step back and photograph the things that I really appreciate, and that I'm realizing, are my amazing friends.  Developed at Indie Film Lab, Cat Hoa in NYC.  Until I see you again, Cat and the city that never sleeps!  Oh!  & thank you for the image of ME and for making me watch "When Harry Met Sally".  Great movie!  Don't know how I went that long without it!