Oh, Hello.

On the way to the beach park I convinced Marshall to swing by a secluded pull-off to stop by a cupcake truck (didn't take much "convincing", more like pedal to the metal). I loaded up on a variety of icing piled treats and we headed to Haleiwa to celebrate the baptism of not only one but four of my friends. While reveling in their declaration to the Lord I realized I, too, had much to celebrate. Yesterday was the two year anniversary of answering an alter call at church, boldly standing up to give my life to Christ, and as I spent most of my morning in prayer and thanksgiving (okay fine, anddddd emailing!) I took in all the other moments I've been working so hard for that almost slipped from my appreciative grasp. I've been quiet over here lately, and that's not because I've been hitting the beach but putting in #werk. Sometimes we work so hard and put in countless many man-hours for our dreams that they develop right before our very eyes and wisp away without us even noticing. At the beginning of the year I took a nod from Pinterest and vowed to appreciate how far I've come in business, marriage and life and to document the little things, scribbling down awesome moments on post-it notes and storing them in a mason jar, never missing a moment to toast a job well done. And as I thanked the Lord for the luxury of doing what I love, and this home in Hawai'i, that one dinner at La Cocina I'll never forget, and countless answered prayers I swore that no matter what I'd never let myself be too busy to be grateful for all the things, big and small. After all, you don't gotta give this girl more than one reason to celebrate...or eat a cupcake! ;) To illustrate this point, here is a photo of a miniature piñata. Walked in for toilet paper, came out of Target with this.

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