[On Film] Sharks Cove in Portra | O'ahu, Hawai'i Contax 645 Film Photographer

My second roll of film off the contax, developed at my local lab Hawaii Pacific Photo and completely unedited.  Shot on Portra 400.  I am realizing to get the color I want, I need to probably shoot Fuji 400h (I assumed this, but want to try a few stocks just so I know) and I need to have my film sent out to a lab to scan for skintones (they are pretty red here).  I read that portra is great for reds and fuji is great for blues and greens--since my current work leans more toward warmer skin and bright blues and greens I want my film to be consistent.  I also need to manually focus and not rely on the auto, as it's not always spot on.  But hey!  I am happy they at least turned out!  There was so really pretty light to Marshall's left (my right) in his portrait that I wanted to capture and somehow missed the mark on.  Next on the shopping list:  light meter! But, just look at the swirls of depth of field in the photo of my feet in the sand (where I took 3 and posted 1).  So swirly and pretty!


As all guests to the island, Carlo was sunburnt for sure, but not this burnt.  He picked up a color cast from the rocks plus the portra=all red!