One thing at a time.

It's M0nday. And as I sit at my messy desk, second coffee halfway gone (certainly not halfway full) I try to not let myself get overwhelmed by the span of the upcoming week. Finishing client welcome mags and inevitably resizing them a hundred times to fit the ordering template. Designing sample albums. Figuring out if all the goodies will fit in my final packaging. Where to get tissue paper that won't cost fifty dollars to ship to Hawai'i. What the french happened in that last episode of Walking Dead? When I am going to make time to hit the gym. Who the heck is gonna clean this dirty house. And grocery shop. Ooo what's for lunch? And when does Danica move? Gotta make time to kick it with her!  There are a million trillion things to consistently balance as a small business owner, most of which will keep you up late into the night (sometimes eyes glazed behind the computer screen), wondering if all of all-nighters in college were just prep for life as an entrepreneur. But the fact is, it's happening. You're doing it. Focusing on one thing at a time, and soon enough your goals will be met, your desk will be clean, and your brain will have room for more new and exciting adventures ahead.  It's simply important to remember:

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