Photographing engagement rings on Contax 645

Securing a beautiful, crisp ring shot is clutch in the wedding world and for most takes time, practice, the right gear and a whole lot of breathing exercises (or lack there of). Shooting them in film is no different, except for well, the fact that you can no longer shoot 50 of the same frame, zooming via LCD to make sure the diamond is in focus. GULP. So scratch that--it's a lot different. Hey, this is an adventure we're on together, right? No sweat--just practice that ish at home and with the help of some fabulous close-up filters and these few tips you will be good as gold. But not like Scheana's song...crap. Now it's in my head.  DAMN YOU, VANDERPUMP! If you heeded previous my advice and have a Hoya close-up filter, score! Add that baby on to the end of your medium format lovah and start shooting!

Tips for shooting engagement rings in film (since you only have a few shots to get it right and all...)

1. Set-up your gear. Stack up those close-up filters.

2. In a stable surface position the ring in even light. In front of a hotel room's window is where I do most of my ring shooting--with the diffused light illuminating the gem.

3. Stop down your aperture. This ain't the time for soft focus at 2.0. Choose at least a f/5.6 or higher.

4. Focus...focus...focusThis is what takes practice as the filters apply a bit of a haze effect on the lens--but this is also where shooting at a higher aperture comes into play--less room for error but still a beautiful depth of field with the filter's effect.

5. Hold your breath annnnnddddddd click. Try to remember to take your hands off the focusing ring, as clicking the shutter can sometimes cause movement and loss of focus.