[Portraits] Angela : Into the Light

Meet Angela:  A beautiful, warm-hearted beauty originally from North Carolina who now lives with her husband and three children here on O'ahu.  An incredible photographer, she is just a few years short of kicking off her boots and putting on her slippahs permanently and retiring from the Navy (holler!).  In the times that I have sat down over coffee with her I've been enamored by her calming presence, she has an uncanny ability to make you feel soothed and loved, mesmerizing you with her warmth.  Currently in the process of launching her new photography website, Angela wanted a session dictating her true inner self: a laid-back, go-with-the-flow soul who's affection for nature, outdoors, and being barefoot by the sea rules her heart.  Her carefree and child-like spirit is just as clear as her green eyes that glisten with excitement when every other minute she  laughs at her own antics.  It is a true honor to be able to photograph Angela in such a light-filled time in her life, and I am thankful not only that she so openly shared her story and self with me but I am grateful to now call her a local friend. Angela--thank you for being you, opening your self and heart up to me, and for asking me to be apart of your journey girlfriend.  It means a lot to have someone to talk to and share with, and I will always be grateful for our mornings spent sipping Starbucks and pouring it out.

Bask in the light, girl--because you are radiant.  xo