[Portraits] Fishes. //Shark's Cove, North Shore O'ahu

Yes, fishes. Since we'd already been sleepin' with the fishes (wait, whhhhhattttt?) this time I just wanted them to let me take their picture.  The second time around at snorkeling at Shark's Cove I came prepared and brought along my new handy dandy plastic cased waterproof 35mm camera that I purchased for such occasions for all of $18 at Target.  "But look honey, it's reusable" were the key words.  For our Sunday Funday on the North Shore Marshall joined me for a bit as we swam around the shallow cove, anxiously pointing towards fish and lulling in the cold, incoming current stream.  We laughed and we kicked, pretending to be explorers, the firsts to find this treasured cove!

Later  after Marshall had realized he could listen to the Kent State baseball game via his iphone with a beer in hand in the the shaded comfort of his "man cave" (i.e. tent with beach chair) while eating cheese-nips...or were they cheese-its...I ventured back into the water on my own and enjoyed the peace and solitude being in the water brings.  All-in-all it was a fabulous Sunday Funday in which I was again reminded the real joys of photography: capturing the moment to remember.  And remembering not to take yourself or your craft tooooooo seriously.

Some shots via my plastic underwater camera (on film).  I'll shoot with anything you give me.

And ps:  that "man cave" is ruining my tan!


These first few were overexposed since I didn't know how to work my new apparatus and *naturally* opened the camera back up and overexposed them.  I was so sad and nervous that I ruined the entire roll, but light just leaked onto a few and I FLIPPIN LOVE IT.  A now happy accident!


The thing I love about Shark's cove is it's deception.  Not only are there no sharks, but from the beach it looks like there are so many rocks and hardly anywhere to swim!  Funny thing is once you get into the water and get going you feel like you are in such deep sea waters (which sometimes makes me panic) but then when you go to stand up you realize the water hardly comes up past your knees.  BAH.  True story.  Maybe it's the goggles...or my overactive imagination.  Either way, it's fun.  And kinda scary.

Look who's local status now! Throwing me the shaka whenever he can ;)

I'm sure to get in trouble for this one but..... I think he is fine!  Snorkel gear and all!


My sexy snorkeler look. The shoes are cute right?

I went crazy taking photos of the water and the sand when the light hit.  It was hypnotic and so serene...totally up my alley color and "vibe" wise, reminded me a lot of this Roxy Ad that inspired my branding look way back when!