[Portraits] Sarah

Even as a kid, I have always been proud of my family.  Thrilled when people exclaimed "Well I declare, you must be Becky's daughter".  Honored (and a little nervous) when people realized I was Mr. Goodwin's daughter.  And proud to be Sarah's little sister.  :) My beautiful sister Sarah:  A fabulous Virginia wedding photographer, master design + crafter, and fellow jewelry hoarder.  As kids we may as well been dualing countries with nuclear missiles locked + loaded (my Mom would make me sign contracts saying I wouldn't sneak back into her room, but those contracts quickly turned into passive aggressive notes that make me laugh SO HARD now.  Sorry, Sarah.  I JUST WANTED THE FREAKING CROWN!), but now-a-days she a friend who couldn't annoy me if she tried.  Not so sure if she could ever say the same.  Com'monnnn.  You know you wanna compliment your sister back!

We took some quick photos in Appomattox, Virginia last time I was back in town--right before the sun set, and ran through an unsuspecting resident's yard.  Made for some great images.  :)


Contax 645  |  Fuji 400h + Portra 160