Print Ideas: Wedding Wall DIY

It's been over a year since Marshall whisked me around the dance floor at the Mint Museum in Uptown Charlotte, NC, celebrating our marriage with friends and family.  Inspired to uncover my wedding dress and twirl around in it again, pulling the white tulle from the closet I was overcome by nostalgia and memories. Wait wait wait wait.  This is sounding way to cheeseball here.  Although I DID put my wedding dress on and say out loud "Man am I glad I decided never to sell you!" (because everything else around here is finding it's way to Craigslist it seems), it's really the giant white wall at the end of our stairs that has been bugging me for eons.

I am smitten with our home on the island and the reflection of us that it has become but have been itching to add more personal touches, especially on our walls.  We have some cool art (mostly made by us) perched anywhere there is an opening, however when it comes to actual wall space, we are limited.  So I knew whatever I did on the open stairway wall adjacent to Marshall's wedding masterpiece, it had to be good. Like, damn good.   Trying to not think TOO hard about what I wanted (because if I consider ALL of the possibilities, I will panic and use NONE!), I knew I wanted to somehow include unframed photos along the wall (either pin them, tape them, something), so I ordered a ton of our favorite wedding images from SmugMug (their quality is fantastic and they are beyond reasonable in price!) and when they arrived  got to work taping them up.  I used clear packaging tape along the back to adhere each image onto the wall and used the layout to tell the story of the day.   I am SO HAPPY I took the time to revisit our wedding images and display them for guests to see.  It makes me happy to walk down the stairs every day and stop to enjoy little details in each one.  Not to mention the other images that didn't get used.  Looking back on them a year later I found favorites that I wouldn't have chosen when I first saw them and have now decided that all of our wedding images need some sort of printed project.  BOOK PROJECT!!!! Who's in?  Interested in more cool photo ideas?  Laugh your way through this previous blog post and video!

Would you just tape your wedding images onto a wall and call it a day?

Photo via my instagram.