Put a stud on it

If you ran into me in Vegas at WPPI, you most likely noticed that at some point, I had a barrage of metal studs incorporated into my daily outfits.  And bless your heart if you hugged me anyway.  Wether along the arms of a jacket, the shoulders of a metallic sweater oddly reminiscent of the knights of Harren Hall, or apart of my arm party, the metal bling in my wardrobe were a staple and quickly became my defining factor.  So it's no wonder I am combining my love of the shiny yet torturous details with my recent need for a camera strap.  Before shooting film I never felt the need for a strap on my camera, it was always more of a nuisance than a help-my ponytail getting caught underneath, ouch ouch my hair, or binding me in a confusing loop of a Canon logo, but now shooting with two or more bodies requires one be tied on at all times.  I've gotta keep the trend alive!  Bedazzle the hell outta my old camera strap and for crying out loud putta stud on it.