Putting it into the Universe: I'm going HAMM.

It's really real. It seems like the day would never come when I would walk across the sandy beaches, gazes across the rippling tide, and finally call Oahu home, but from the moment we landed, I knew this was where I was supposed to be.  Heading back over to the Mainland (I never thought I'd be one of those who said that, haha!) to spend a weekend with the J*Jets (more on that later!), it was made even more clear to me.  I am proud of the new state I am in.  I am happy to be out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, surrounded by ocean and volcanos.  Okay, happy only when I don't think about it too hard.  I think that's the trick. I can't wait to share my my home with friends and family, because this IS home.  I've called a lot of places home, and have loved many, but in the wise words of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, "Home is Wherever I'm With You", and right here, right now, it fits.

Sitting around sunday breakfast with Jasmine and the 'Jets, we all discussed where we were in our careers and the path we were trekking to reach our goals.  One by one we spilled our guts.  Some have decided to go in a direction that's close to their hearts and focus on family sessions and others have honed down our wedding brands to be the perfect representation of us.  Talking it out all weekend with a group of people I respect and admire deeply helped me wrap my head around a few ideas that had been bouncing around and then saying our goals out loud to each other made it real.  Accountable.

On the flights back home (surprise FIRST CLASS!  OMG!  I feel like I've been a PEASANT all these years in Coach!  Did you know they serve you dinner WITHOUT the plastic wrapper on top?!?  AMAZING!) a blank moleskin transformed into a business plan, and I'm ready.  I'm making it real.  Really real. I'm going to stop thinking and start working, am overhauling my website, blog, business cards, and strategies, and am making it legit.  By the end of January, it's LAUNCHING.

I'm Ashley Goodwin, and I'm an Oahu Wedding Photographer.

To Oahu, and BEYONDDDD!  (yes, I did just Buzz Lightyear you). Couldn't go HAMM without some cheese.








Huge huge thanks to Jasmine for not only coming out and kicking it with us Sunday, but for your amazing advice, open heart, and making us commit to our dreams.  You're totally right, we are going to look back on these photos of us as a great reminder of how far we have come since that day in La Jolla.  And how I shoulda done my hair!