Relocating a Business.

Relocating a business is not easy, especially if it's under military orders, but I think with some love and a whole lot of elbow grease it can be done!  My experiences moving my photography business to beautiful Oahu, Hawaii and what I've found helpful to focus on along the way.  BIG UPS to the people I've learned from to get me this far and encouraging me that anything is possible.  Big big BIG ups to military spouses who are making it work.  It's not easy, but it's worth it! Moving a business:

1.  Make friends/network like hell.

2.  Build business online.

3.  Work.  HARD.



I would like to note that the background behind me is what I like to call my "masterpiece" so you can believe my dismay when BOTH times I had to ask for it as our movers tried to throw it away!!!!!!! Are they CRAZY! That ripped up cardboard does NOT, I repeat, does NOT fall into the "art is subjective" category...although it did start off as my spray paint drop cloth, that's not either here nor there...