[reSTART] 3 tips to relocate a photography business.

For months leading up to our move, I tried to devise a plan of how I would get back on my business feet. I gathered ideas. Created a "website inspiration" file filled to the brim with screenshots of ideas. I drew up storyboard concepts. I called friends in the middle of the night with what I thought were genius concepts "I got it! What if....". Then, we landed. I paced the hotel room for months trying to find the best way to turn hopes into dreams. And turns out nothing works as good as simply doing the work. Getting out there, attending events, and meeting people. Putting myself out there and letting my brand develop organically.

It's no secret that my Creative Live experience in 2011 set me in motion to create the dream business that I've always wanted. And Jasmine Star, I can never ever ever (did I say evah evah evah?) thank her enough for putting faith in me, even when no one else may have, and asking me to come along on theFIX (her 12 city speaking tour) last year. I have lived the trials of restarting a business, so when Jasmine asked me to do a 3 minute video detailing my experiences for her latest Creative Live course titled 'reSTART', I was honored. I've always known I am a talker, and my heart lies in sharing with a cause. But keeping it under 3 minutes? That was nothing short of a MIRACLE! Hence the fast talking car salesmen tone to me. Creative Live and the people in the community have been OH SO loving and endearing watching me grow, so I am always always happy to share my photography testimony, highs and lows, stresses and successes.

Jasmine: "No...boo...I love you, but NO RAMBLING!!!...hand to heaven. You can do it!" Rambling? Who says I ramble? I like to call it being funny. ;)

  I DID IT! Now, where's my Ultimate Grand Supreme Crown? In my video, here are 3 of my most successful ideas that helped me grow my business on O'ahu from non-existant to second shooting 12 weddings, shooting 15 sessions, and booking 19 weddings...all within 7 months. (Sounds like an informercial, ehy?). But wait! There's more--



Restart Testimonial from Ashley Goodwin on Vimeo.

Just last night a trip to TJMAXX ('Mahalo, Maxxonista!' the door says. Makes me smile) turned into an unexpected stop by a weekly wedding expo to say hey to a floral stylist who has been a ginormous driving force in my business. I met a few locals, chatted it up with a past Bride who I ADORE, and shared an idea that has practically been haunting me to put into motion with another creative who just about fainted when she heard it. We high-fived, walked around holding hands, and left thrilled to be able to show and and support the ones I appreciate because they have done and continue to do some much for me.

If you aren't familiar with the reSTART course, or even Creative Live, I HIGHLY suggest you take a peek!