Reuse Hawai'i | O'ahu Vintage, D.I.Y. & Green Resources

I love Hawai’i.  I mean, love. And while the island boasts of simple pleasures (shave ice, anyone?), it is missing some of my favorite simple pleasures:  Junk shops.  I don’t mean skillfully curated vintage stores, I mean shops chalk full of junk that you can spend hours wandering and find little golden nuggets of treasure.  “But you’re on an island in the middle of the pacific ocean Ashley, where would this plethora of junk be expected to come from?!?!”.  You’re right.  I get it.  I'm being a whiny mainlander who misses her comforts.  But I still have a hard time giving up my search.  As I have relinquished that a typical mainland flea market doesn’t exist here, I am having to get crafty and reallyyyyy search for the finds to make my DIY Pinterest ideas come to life.  Not just for our home, but for styled shoot ideas and for other Brides...because they must exist SOMEWHERE!  (Other than on people's curbs.  We can talk more about my new potential "dumpster diving" curb style problem later....let's stay focused now...)

The beautifully crafted DIY weddings I have shot here have been fabulous, but sadly fixed with the extra cost of most of them having their vintage goods flown in.  Hence my hunt for the cool on the island--at affordable prices (because that's the other thing, most people take into account the cost to ship things over, so everything winds up more expensive).  My friend Shereen of Ever After Events told me about Reuse Hawai’i, a warehouse close to downtown that is filled with salvaged and donated materials.  A non-profit, this hip facility sells everything from reclaimed building materials to unused tile and even photo shoot props (they have a bamboo raft from the LOST shoot for Vanity Fair!).  An awesome resource!  And, if you’re really crafty, you could probably find a use for everything in their building.  A fantastic resource for some DIY-ers or a green lifestyle wedding!  You know, I didn't ask, but I bet they would be willing to even rent things out for a fraction of the cost.  Something to look into for destination Brides!

Just the place to help me put together some crafty home projects.


I want BOTH of those love seats AND that stump side table!  Not for sale.  Wamp wamppp.

I DIE over this door!!  Solid wood and only $35!  This would be awesome at an outdoor wedding!  There were also some slated doors that would make great seating card holders...

BLUSH PINK BARN DOOR?!?!  Where Can I put it?!?!  Again, only $35 smackers.

OH MAN!  These boards are so pretty!  Just look at all the character each one has!

The details the paint left on these was my favorite.  Almost like mint and lace!

These boards with black and mint mixed and turquoise and white were perfectly imperfect!

These drawers were next to nothing and would be a great substitution for a wooden milk crate.