Ribbons & Bows: A little Miss Cartrett in the making!

Lora & Joe Cartrett are adding another munchkin to their clan, a sweet little girlie who's name has not yet be determined, but rest assured it will be a beautiful, unique name that meshes well with her brother Otis' (not to be confused with Oatis).  Maybe even one of those fabulous southern double names like Ella Mae or Clara Jane!  (I'm kidding, kind of.  But you know I already called Ella.  ;)  )  YAY!  Another baby girl in Marshall's family! As Lora is banking on this child being a peaceful little angel with no qualms over life, I am simply ecstatic to have a little girl to cover in pink and glitter and hair bows and buy barbies and high-heels and OH this is going to be fun!  I am  going to make sure all baseballs, softballs, footballs, basketballs, soccer balls, tennis rackets, foosball tables are far away from this one.  Joe is an awesome Dad &  Otis is going to be a great big "brahvur".  And Look!  The house is evened out now, Lora!  Two boys and two girls!  Looking forward to Lora & Joe's new little babe, they are seriously some of the best parents.  Lora's natural approach to parenting (and CHILDBIRTH!  No hospital this time!) is selfless, awe-inspiring, and has me thinking whenever we have little ones I will do the same.  But rest assured, that will be a long, long time from now.  Long time.  So you can stop asking.  ;)  Joe & Lora, I can't wait to spoil your new sweetheart.  I'm already looking for her first Barbie.  xoxo.

Otis, the little booger head.  He's a mess and I love it.

Boys will be boys.  Luckily there's a girl enroute!  ;)

Lora was SUCH a brave soul and stripped down to get this shot of her way cool henna tattoo.  Thanks for trusting me!  :)

They are so sweet and so fun!

Work it!

I was just waiting for the moment he got his head stuck.  Didn't happen.

Lora, you are too pretty for real life.