Running from Taylor Swift.

Alternatively titled "Run b*tch, (he goin' killllll youuuu)". If I really think about the true genesis of the idea, it must have been sitting in the front seat of the car enroute to Keana point with fellow photographers Ashley + Alisa. Ashley Smith was going in depth about the surge of love for Tony Robbins at her workplace and proceeded to tell us about his ability to empower anyone to do anything via books on tape. Wait. That's not what they're called anymore. What do you call them? Audio books! Yes, thank you. Any how, she pulled herself in between the seats from the back of the car and candidly asked "what's the thing you are LEAST interested in accomplishing?". In unison she and I both responded "Run a marathon!". After all, we were headed to a hike where our goal was to walk and take photos, who in their right mind wants to run? NOT I. So, that was that. I had absolutely positively no interested in running a marathon, especially not the famed Honolulu one. Nope. No way. Not me. I don't run. Just like my tank top says "Partying is my cardio". Fast forward 7 months later, past all the friends who for first and second times trained and completed the Honolulu Marathon and just as everyone around me (even men) were declaring how catchy that new Taylor Swift album was, I decided to hit the payment for an evening jog and see just how awesome this album could be (for the record I was sure it couldn't be even remotely good...I mean, it's Taylor freakin' Swift).

Halfway into my jog I found my legs switching faster and faster. I don't know if it was the new tunes flooding my eardrums or the 72 degree hawaiian air, but just as Blank Space shuffled on the faint thought crossed my mind that I should run the marathon. This right here should be enough to stop me in my tracks. I let the image go as quickly as it came and laughed it off.  I don't run. If you see me running, call the police kinda thing. As I circled my way back home I couldn't help but entertain the idea and question where the heck THAT desire came from. And as months went on the thought began to dig it's way from the back of my head out into the open, just as James (Marathon Man, Awesome Photographer + Friend) texted to suggest I start training. Hmm. Funny you should say that, because I have the unexplainable itch to. WHO IS THIS PERSON and what have you done with Ashley TAYLOR SWIFT?!?!

I don't know if it's that all of my friends have done it, or the desire to prove to myself I can do any dang thing, the Holy Spirit talking or just Taylor Swift's voodoo ways, but something struck a cord in me that night and I decided that within a year, I can train to do ANYTHING. And that I will. I will prioritize my life and health as much as I have prioritize the success of my business and will run the damn marathon come December 2015.

If you are wondering, yes, I am second guessing myself...but I've got a year to figure that out. If you have any tips, as in "How to Disguise Your Tears As Sweat" and "How to Not Give Up Before You Start", please, do tell.