Running wild.

In the perfect dream world that furiously swirls in my head, I am an ultimate Ar-teest.  So fancy, in fact, it gets capitalized.  Curated stylist, inventive designer, quick-fingered seamstress, captivating cinematographer, winner of Top Chef and Top Chef just desserts, clever graphic designer, crafter of all thing DIY on my Pinterest boards and, of course, bruting photographer.  I am a girl of many passions, several random interests, and take a liking to it all.   While some may consider a Jack of All Trades a Master at None I would simply call a Creative.  And for me, Wedding photography hits the spot.  It's where I get to explore and experiment and let my imagination go wild.  A wedding day is one of the one places where all my interests collide, sending me into creative heaven.  It's nothing short of an honor to be a small part of someone's wedding day and I am thankful I've found a place in this industry for a Jack of All Trades like me.  No one is to say I'm any good at all my artistic ambitions of course, but I do like to pretend.  It's fun to get creative! Small details added a dreamy touch to a couple's shoot I recently "styled".