Sara & Thomas | Waimea Valley

It was through a shared God Daughter that they were introduced, kinda sorta like in the movies, and had an immediate connection.  A couple who can laugh together, full of inside jokes during their Sunday night Skype dates, there is never a dull moment.  Light hearted and charismatic, Thomas's carefree spirit radiates to those around him, making Sara's heart skip a beat.  An skip & a heel click lights up her brilliant smile.  A returned giggle from her and his brown eyes sparkle.  She tightly wraps herself around his arms.  His love.  Her protector.  It's evident Thomas is proud to have such a beautiful and charming woman on his arm.  Their energy and affection for each other is contagious, they keep each other (and me!) on their toes!  Imaginative and entertaining, they both have an inspiring youthful spirit to their relationship.  If you don't think devising a plot to be Russian spies while one vacation doesn't sound like fun, well I don't know what does.   With their "great list" of places to see, they are self proclaimed explorers, lovers of adventure, excitement, and fun, totally the kind of couple I enjoyed spending the morning wandering Waimea Valley with!   Together they are strong, committed to a fabulous relationship despite the trials of a long distances and the Army. Between O'ahu, Dallas Texas, and a year long deployment, Sara & Thomas shared their two year dating anniversary and are celebrating with her trip to the islands, and they couldn't be more grateful for their time together.

Sara & Thomas, I am SO HAPPY I got to meet you two!  From the moment I heard your story on the phone, I knew we were the perfect fit!  Spending the morning with you both was a ton of fun.  Seeing how giddy the two of you are around each other and how you are the perfect complements to one another is inspiring.  Thomas, thank you for your service to our country and Sara, thank you for your sacrifice.  Ya'll will be together again soon enough, and until then, relish every moment together via trips to Paradise.  Like you said, you learn lots of lessons being apart, the most important, never taking each other for granted.

Enjoy your time on the islands!  Sara, we will have to plan blind dates for our men!  Until then, have a mai tai or three!  xo


Hello, gorgeous.

When choosing my favorite images from sessions, I always go for the ones that are not only truly you, but truly you as a couple.  There are always times when one looks at the other and you can just see the spark they have.  Couples in love probably don't realize it, and each person has a different expression, but I know the look.  This is one of Sara's and it makes me happy.

I tested out their "adventure"-ness and we headed out into the creek.  Sara is a Grade A Adventurer, willing to get thousands of bug bites for some cuddle time on the rock.

Sara's white "Blessed" tattoo.  So cool.