[Scenes from Celebrations] Shana & Efrain | Hale Koa Vow Renewal, O'ahu, Hawai'i

The afternoon Shana & Efrain renewed their vows was the first time they had seen each other since their couple's session in October.  Excited to share their passion and recommit themselves to one another, Shana let no detail of their celebration go unnoticed.  The details were perfectly curated, but under the canopy of bougainvillea, their words couldn't have been more magnificient.  Amongst a small group of friends and their daughter Abigail, Shana and Efrain spoke their wholehearted truths.  Because traditional vows "would not do", handwritten vows spilled words of unconditional love and forgiveness, promising each other in front of God to protect their sacred marriage from the raging battles of outside forces.   Their story of compassion, changed hearts, and the power of Christ brought them back to each other's arms, reuniting their family and starting a fresh journey together.  And the best part of the WHOLE THING?  No one even knew they were back together!  Shana's sister, Theresa, happily posted a Facebook photo and announcement post ceremony.  I love a good surprise! Shana & Efrain didn't have images from their first wedding celebration, so I was thrilled to be able to document them and be apart of their ridiculously awesome story.  Ya'll, it was fantastic.  Cherish every moment together again.


Flowers by one of my favorites, dear friend and ball of energy floral stylist, Shilhi of Passion Roots.  She has magic in her tiny little fingers.  And don't you know I about died when I saw their ceremony site at the Hale Koa?  BOUGAINVILLEA!  And then Shana & Efrain gave me a bottle of Chandon as a thank you?!?!  My heart just EXPLODED, (and so did that cork top)--heaven.

This woman is GORG inside and out.  Looks just like an old Hollywood starlet!

CHECK OUT THIS PROFESH KID!  And I thought Josh Gooden started off young!  ;)